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Custom Marriage Proposal Sandcastles on South Padre Island, TX

South Padre Island, Texas is a wonderful place to "pop the question"... Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services can help make sure she says "yes!"

Ideas for Customization

  • We can incorporate ring boxes and any other props into the sculpture, including scattered rose petals or a strategically hidden bottle of champagne.
  • We can shoot pictures of the special moment for you - with your camera or ours.
  • Don't see exactly what you want here? Do some googling, send us the link, and we will do our best to duplicate it.
  • For additional fees we can incorporate names of blended family members; special objects or design flourishes with special meaning, etc.

Prices start at $100.00

Request a Quote

We can even do the sculpture when you aren't here! We will build the sculpture to your specs; shoot high-quality photos and send you the digital file. You can print it, frame it or post it anywhere you want on the web.

Prices start at $25.00

Request a Quote

Here's a fun suggestion for a proposal sculpture: Hire us to teach you and your intended how to build a sandcastle. By the end of the session, you have a pretty castle that you helped build with a surprise "marry me" message that YOU carved! Tre Romantico!

We also do beach wedding sculptures!


Here are some photos of past proposal sculptures (click to enlarge):

ph: 956-761-6222


Address: P.O. Box 2694, South Padre Island, TX 78597

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